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Speed Congenics Resource

Director: Fiering, Steven


The Speed Congenics Service facilitates the development of congenic mice in support of pre-clinical projects; provides expert advice on mouse speed congenic development, mouse genetic background analysis, and mouse genetic mapping.





  • Bio-Rad C1000 Thermal Cycler ( Thermal cycler )

  • Illumina BeadStation 500 ( Bead array reader )

    Equipment is refurbished - we first began using the machine in 10/2009; the manufacture date is 1/2008.

  • Promega Maxwell 16 DNA Extractor ( DNA extraction/purification instrument )

    The Promega Maxwell 16 automated DNA extractor is capable of extracting high purity DNA from samples within 45 minutes. The machine in our lab is currently used for DNA extraction from mouse tail tissue.

  • QIAGEN QIAxcel Advanced ( Capillary column )

    The QIA-Xcel Advanced is a capillary electrophoresis unit able to create and read PCR results without the use of a gel. The QIA-xcel is capable of resolving PCR product sizes finer than even a 4% agarose gel.

  • Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 2000 ( Spectrophotometer )

    The NanoDrop 2000 can assay the concentration and purity of DNA, RNA, or protein in solution from as little as 1ul of liquid.




  • GenomeStudio ( Software )

    "Visualize and analyze data generated by all of Illumina's platforms with GenomeStudio Data Analysis Software. This powerful informatics solution supports the primary analysis of sequence-based data produced by the Genome AnalyzerIIx and microarray-based data generated by the iScan System and BeadXpress Reader. Performance optimized tools and a user-friendly graphical interface allow you to quickly and easily convert data into meaningful results for your genome analysis and research."

  • Illumina BeadScan ( Software )

    Polymorphism analysis of Illumina data.

  • QIAxcel ScreenGel software ( Software )

    This software is used with the QIA-xcel advanced to conduct capillary electrophoresis and create gel images and electropherograms.

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