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Biomedical NMR Research Center

Director: Gimi, Barjor


The Biomedical NMR Research Center belongs to the Research Division of the Department of Diagnostic Radiology. Dr. Barjor Gimi is currently Director of the MR center. The Center houses a 7T horizontal bore Varian MR scanner in Vail and a 9.4T horizontal bore Varian MR scanner in Borwell.

Research at the Biomedical NMR Research Center aims to advance applications of NMR techniques for tissue characterization in health and disease. We are developing non-invasive MR techniques to reveal unexplored details of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry in vivo. We use multinuclear MR technique both in imaging and spectroscopy modes and work with several animal models to achieve the goals above.

Biomedical NMR Research Center provides a wide range of in vivo MR protocols for Dartmouth College and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center scientists. These include high resolution anatomical and functional MRI scanning procedures from rodents. Localized ¹H and ³¹P NMR spectroscopy can be acquired from several target organs to map, for instance metabolite concentrations, energy state, intracellular pH or tissue temperature.





Organisms and Viruses

  • ND2:SmoA1 ( Mus musculus )

    Transgenic; heterozygote.


  • Animal MR imaging ( Protocol )

    MRI of rodents using multiple MR techniques for anatomical and functional imaging.

  • Animal MR spectroscopy ( Protocol )

    Multi-nuclear in vivo MR spectroscopy from selected volumes.




  • AEDES ( Software )

    Varian data format, data processing off-line on a PC under Matlab.

  • jMRUI ( Software )

    Varian data format, MRS (magnetic resonance spectroscopy) data processing.

  • VNMR1 ( Software )

    Varian data format, data processing at the Varian Console.

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