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Transgenics and Genetic Constructs Resource

Director: Fiering, Steven


We support the generation and utilization of genetically modified mice by members of the Dartmouth research community. We offer a wide variety of services that assist researchers in construct design and creation of novel transgenic mice. We also offer mice with a human immune system that allows our investigators a better way to study virus and other human infections.




  • Cigarette smoke exposure analysis service ( Material analysis service )

    Expose rodents to tobacco smoke in the Teague smoke exposure facility for subsequent analysis.

  • ES cell culture for gene targeting or other purposes ( Material production service )

    We provide a variety of ES cell lines, transfect with KO constructs, select clones with drug selection, freeze and provide lysates for genotyping, expand and refreeze targeted clones for mouse generation, karyotype clones to select best clones.

  • Generation of chimeric mice from ES cells ( Material production service )

    Inject ES cells into blastocysts to generate germline chimeric mice.

  • Genetic construct generation ( Material production service )

    Recombineering in E. coli or yeast to generate constructs for experimental use.

  • Genotyping service ( Material production service )

    Purify DNA from ES clones (to screen for targeted clones) or tail biopsies (to screen for founders or transgenic offspring). Establish a genotype assay if not already established. Genotype by PCR or Southern blot.

  • Humanized mice production ( Material processing service )

    Creating specialized mice with a human immune system. Currently offering two different techniques using Nod/SCIDIL2 gamma receptor XO mice.

  • Oocyte injection for transgenic animal production ( Material modification service )

    Generate transgenic founders by injection of plasmids, BAC or lentivirus into oocytes and transplant the oocytes in foster mothers.

  • Tail biopsies and other services ( Material analysis service )

    Services include maintaining Flp and Cre expressing mice for mating to transgenic.

  • Transgenic lines establishment ( Material production service )

    Establish lines from frozen embryos from another institutions or rederive a pathogen infected transgenic line by embryo transfer.

  • Transgenic mice consultation ( Support service )

    Construct design and production, overall experimental design, utilization, maintenance breeding and preservation.

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