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  • BxPC-3 ( Tumor-derived cell line )

  • Hep G2 ( Tumor-derived cell line )

  • Molt-4 Rh0 ( Tumor-derived cell line )

    Notes: Lymphoblastoid T-cells- with depleted mtDNA

  • Molt-4 wt ( Tumor-derived cell line )

    Notes: Lymphoblastoid T-cells

  • Molt4 cybrid ( Tumor-derived cell line )

    Molt4 cells in which depleted mtDNA has been replenished with DNA from patient-derived platelets.


  • WinNonlin Pro ( Software )

    "WinNonlin is the industry standard for pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) modeling, and Noncompartmental Analysis. It can be used to perform virtually all of the analyses and generate all of the figures, tables and listings for PK and PK/PD studies."

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