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David Collins is NASA certified for electrical assembly.





    • Electronics consultation and technical assistance ( Support service )

      "The Electronics Shop provides design, fabrication and repair services of analog and digital devices as well as research instrumentation and apparatus."

    • Equipment pool service ( Support service )

      "Provide test equipment such as oscilloscopes, meters and spectrum analyzers for short term loan to the shops users."

    • Printed circuit board assembly ( Material production service )

      Populating, soldering, and debugging PCB's.

    • Printed circuit fabrication ( Material production service )

      "Circuit board designs are sent to advancedcircuits.com for fabrication, with a 3 day turnaround and resonable rates."

    • System design and fabrication ( Material production service )

      "Computer and PCB to electromechanical interface, data acquisition interface, enclosures, modify existing equipment, etc."

    • Technical library service ( Support service )

      "Text books, data books, manufacturers catalogs and sources. (Material is freely available for use in the shop office."

    • Troubleshooting and repair ( Support service )

      "Scientific instruments and apparatus, computer interfaces and peripherals, lab equipment, etc."


    • DesignWorks ( Software )

      "An excellent schematic capture tool for the Macintosh or Windows, DesignWorks does much more than just create a clean schematic drawing of your circuit design. Beneath every wire and every device symbol lies a comprehensive database that is built invisibly and automatically while you just point, click, and draw. The program is modular, hierarchical, supports multiple pages, and comes with a comprehensive library of devices, each device having database attributes for things such as the manufacturer's part numbers, packaging information, PCB footprint code, and many more, pre-defined and ready, so that as you create the schematic drawing you are also building a powerful descriptive database of the design automatically as you go."

    • Douglas CAD software ( Software )

      "Douglas CAD/CAM is a family of products for the design and manufacture of printed circuit boards. Running on the Apple Macintosh or a Windows pc, the entire line is quick, powerful, and easy to learn.

      The software, with high resolution graphics and a friendly user interface, provide a high quality engineering workstation that is both very affordable and a pleasure to use.

      The Professional System supports multilayer and SMT design capabilities. A very mature, well integrated, and powerful engineering suite, the Douglas Professional System will take you from a rough product concept in your head to finished hardware in your hands quickly, easily, and economically."

    • Professional Layout Plus ( Software )

      Printed circuit board design.

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