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Cigarette Smoke Exposure Analysis Laboratory


"Our lab is interested in the innate immune system at the mucosal surfaces of the female reproductive and respiratory tracts. A special focus of this work is to determine the effects of cigarette smoke on changes in immune protection. The relationship of cigarette smoke exposure to increased risk of infection is well established, however the mechanisms involved are not. Our research shows that cigarette smoke exposure reduces production of a key antimicrobial chemokine, CCL20. Ongoing research in the lab seeks to determine if similar responses to cigarette smoke exposure underlie increased rates of infection and how cigarette smoke exposure associated infection is linked to the development of cancer."

Consulting; training; planning; experimental management assistance.

Banked tissue samples available for preliminary studies.

Small animal cigarette exposure.




  • TE-10 smoking machine ( Animal physiology monitoring system )

    A custom designed Teague TE-10 that provides a physiologically relevant environment where animals receive whole body exposure in normal cages with access to food, water and bedding.


  • Cigarette smoke exposure analysis (CSEAL) ( Material analysis service )

    In vivo small animal calibrated cigarette smoke exposure. Nanotech nicotine and smoke sensor study environment. Banked tissue samples available for preliminary studies. Consulting/Training/Planning. Experimental management assistance.

  • Cigarette smoke exposure analysis service ( Material analysis service )

    Expose rodents to tobacco smoke in the Teague smoke exposure facility for subsequent analysis.

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