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Our work focuses on vaccine and drug development for prevention and treatment of epidemic cholera, which is spread aquatically in unhygienic conditions. Our current efforts involve interference with the production and function of a protein, TcpA, that forms specialized pili on the surface of the marine bacterium, Vibrio cholerae and facilitates infection of humans. The pili allow the bacteria to self-adhere, forming particles that become entrapped within the architecture of the human intestine where the bacteria release cholera toxin, causing severe, life-threatening diarrhea. The research encompasses studies on epitope specific protective immune responses as well as selective drug targets for cholera prevention. The studies are generally applicable to a number of serious infectious diseases such as meningitis, hemorrhagic colitis, sexually transmitted diseases, and infections associated with cystic fibrosis.



Organisms and Viruses

  • Balb/c and CD-1 ( Mus musculus )

    Outbred. Don't maintain a colony. We purchase as we need them.

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