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Geospatial Resource

Director: Sargent, James


The GeoSpatial Resource Supports geospatial analysis by providing expert consultation and collaboration for research projects in behavior, epidemiology, health services, and other disciplines.

For more detailed information see http://cancer.dartmouth.edu/documents/pdf/shared_resources_march2012.pdf listed below as a website.





  • Trimble Juno SB ( GPS navigation system )

    GPS units which allow capturing of location and attribute data in the field. Useful for groundtruthing existing location data, or creating new data (study subject locations, retail outlet locations etc).


  • Data acquisition and analysis ( Data analysis service )

    We have access to many different types of spatial data including census/demographic data, transportation networks, administrative boundaries, business locations, and various health datasets. We can also work with you to locate or create geographic data.

  • Geographic Information Systems ( Data analysis service )

    We provide a full range of GIS services - from project planning, data acquisition to implementation, analysis and publication.

  • Mapping ( Support service )

    We can create maps for publications, presentations, and posters.

  • Project design service ( Support service )

    We will work with you to identify data sources, analysis techniques, timelines and budgets. We can assist with grant writing.

  • Spatial analysis service ( Data analysis service )

    Spatial analysis is a broad category which includes travel times and distances, catchment areas, density and other surfaces, cluster analysis, pattern identification, regression analysis, spatial and/or temporal trends and other techniques.


  • Esri ArcGIS ( Software )

    "ArcGIS is a system for people who rely on accurate geographic information to make decisions. It facilitates collaboration and lets you easily author data, maps, globes, and models on the desktop and serve them out for use on a desktop, in a browser, or in the field, depending on the needs of your organization."

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