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Microarray and Next-Gen Sequencing Resource

Director: Tomlinson, Craig


The Genomics Shared Resource provides technologies to the Norris Cotton Cancer Center and Dartmouth community investigators that enable profiling of gene expression, miRNA, GpC Island, and CGH on a whole-genome scale. The long-term goal of the Genomics Shared Resource is to provide an efficient and affordable fee-for-service operation that will provide high quality genomics and microarray data for the growing number of Cancer Center investigators who require this service.






  • Affymetrix Microarray service ( Material processing service )

    * 1-cycle Amplification + Labeling + Hybridization + Washes + Scanning + Gridding
    * 2-cycle Amplification + Labeling + Hybridization + Washes + Scanning + Gridding

    * Human Gene Chip 133
    * Human Exon 1.0ST
    * Mouse 430
    * Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    * Arabadopsis
    * Rat
    * C. elegans
    * Other (Contact DGML for current market price)

  • Custom Project Design for Genomics ( Support service )

    We will meet with the Investigator to discuss the best design for genomics studies, discussing microarrays vs. sequencing, and consider the appropriate controls etc. This is offered as a free service on combination with our array or sequencing services.

  • Deep Sequencing service ( Material processing service )

    We offer Life Technologies Sequencing on the Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine (PGM) and Proton (February 2013).
    * Free design consultation and project design
    * Library preparation from a variety of samples, DNA, RNA, ChiP-Seq and FFPE samples
    * Single read up to 400bp sequencing
    * Multiplexing

    We also support Illumina sequencing and have several reliable collaborators

  • Illumina Bead Array service ( Material processing service )

    Services/Products (services and arrays included in single price)

    mRNA (whole genome)
    * HumanHT-12 Expression BeadChip (>48,000 probes, >25,000 annotated genes)
    * HumanWG-6 v3 Expression BeadChip (>25,400 unique, curated genes)
    * HumanRef-8 v3 Expression BeadChip (~24,500 RefSeq transcripts)
    * MouseWG-6 v2 Expression BeadChip (>45,200 probes, >19,100 annotated genes)
    * MouseRef-8 v2 Expression BeadChip (>25,600 probes, >19,100 annotated genes)
    * RatRef-12 Expression BeadChip (>22,000 probes)
    * Other arrays, Contact the DGML

    For researchers working with partially degraded RNA, including FFPE samples, we offer the Whole-Genome DASL Assay. RNA samples prepared using the proven DASL labeling and extension steps are hybridized to the Ref-8 Expression BeadChips

    The Human and Mouse MicroRNA Panels measure the levels of 1,146 and 656 miRNAs, respectively. The arrays cover approximately 97% of the miRNA described in the miRBase database (Release 12.0). The Human and Mouse MicroRNA arrays can be deployed on 16- and 12-sample Universal BeadChips or the 96-sample Universal Array Matrix, offering greater flexibility for experimental design and workflow.

    Services include: cDNA Labeling + Hybridization + Washes + Scanning + Gridding

  • RNA and DNA analysis ( Material processing service )


    * Total RNA isolation (service provided only under prior agreement)
    * Spectrophotometric readings (Agilent Bioanalyzer, Qubit, and NanoDrop)

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