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Weaver Radiology Lab


Interests include MR elastography, magnetic nanoparticle imaging, using magnetic nanoparticles as biomarkers for temperature and tissue stiffness, MR acquisition and pulse sequence development, digital image processing.





  • Magnetic Spectroscopy of Brownian Motion ( Protocol )

    Molecular binding is important in many venues including antibody binding for diagnostic and therapeutic agents and pharmaceutical function. We demonstrate that a method of measuring nanoparticle Brownian motion, termed magnetic spectroscopy of nanoparticle Brownian motion (MSB), can be used to monitor molecular binding and the bound fraction. It is plausible that MSB can be used to measure binding in vivo because the same signal has been used to image nanoparticles in nanogram quantities in vivo.

    [A.M. Rauwerdink, J.B. Weaver, Measurement of molecular binding using the Brownian motion of magnetic nanoparticle probes, Applied Physics Letters, 96 (2010) 033702.]

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