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Technology Transfer Office


The Dartmouth Technology Transfer Office (TTO) considers itself a facilitator of various interactions with industry and non-profit institutions by faculty, researchers, and administrators at the College and its professional schools. Our staff reviews Consulting Agreements, secures Confidentiality Agreements, assists in negotiating terms and conditions in private foundation’s grants, writes letters of support for grant proposals, and negotiates CRDAs with Federal Laboratories. The TTO also assists investigators in establishing research collaborations with other academic institutions via the Interinstitutional Agreement mechanism. Knowledge dissemination and contribution to a broadly defined research infrastructure are becoming increasingly important to TTO activity and illustrate the expansion of the Office’s mission., The purpose of Dartmouth's Technology Transfer Office (TTO) stems from the Public Law 96 -517, the Bayh-Dole Act, which postulates that the inventions arising from Federal Government sponsorship and assigned to the university, must be actively transferred to the private sector for the benefit of the general public.



    Research Opportunities

    • Industrial collaborations ( Research Opportunity )

      Numerous mechanisms for collaboration with the private sector provide educational opportunities for Dartmouth graduate and undergraduate students, as well as familiarize them with intellectual property notions, as often this industry supported student work leads to patentable inventions in various scientific projects.


    • Economic development service ( Support service )

      Dartmouth TTO is the satellite office for the New Hampshire Innovation Research Center (NHIRC). The NHIRC was established in 1991 by the legislature for the purpose of creating high quality jobs through technology development and innovation by fostering collaboration between New Hampshire businesses and universities to promote applied and basic scientific research, engineering, and associated technology transfer. The NHIRC’s mission is to assist New Hampshire industry in becoming more competitive, and thereby retain and increase employment. By providing matching state grants, the NHIRC helps New Hampshire companies upgrade old products or develop new ones.

    • Intellectual property management ( Support service )

      Licensing. Non-License Agreements. Patent Process Invention Disclosures.

    • Patenting and licensing agreements service ( Support service )

      Patenting and licensing of inventions originated in the College and its professional schools comprise the largest share of TTO activities and follows guidelines established by our office.

    • Research enterprise support ( Support service )

      The TTO oversees numerous types of collaborations with
      industry on Dartmouth's campus, including industrially
      sponsored research, testing, screening, confidentiality
      and material transfer agreements.

      The office also assists in establishing industrial collaborations
      via Federal and State government business assistance
      mechanisms, such as Small Business Innovation
      Research (SBIR), Small Business Technology Transfer
      (STTR), and New Hampshire Innovation Research Center
      (NHIRC) programs.

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