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Multimodal Neuroimaging Lab


Research Interests
Biomedical imaging; functional neuroimaging; physiological modeling; heart rate variability; stroke recovery; Alzheimer's disease

Current Research Projects

Biomagnetometer instrument development
Clinical optical-electric probes
Functional biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease
Neurosimulator for electroencephalography
Neurovascular coupling
Wireless neural probes




Research Opportunities

  • Multimodal Neuroimaging / Engineering Physiology Instructional Course ( Research Opportunity )

    "This initiative sets forth two goals. The first is to establish a multimodal brain imaging capability as a freely available resource for collaborative research between the Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth Medical School (DMS), and Dartmouth Arts and Sciences faculty. The second goal is to create an engineering-physiology instructional course for Thayer and DMS students who are at the engineering-medicine interface."

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