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Center for Genomic Medicine

Director: Amos, Christopher


Vision Statement:
Genomic and other profiling technologies will lead to significant improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. The Center for Genomic Medicine will provide a broad level of support for profiling patient samples, for the interpretation of findings, and for the design of studies related to personalized medicine.

Profiling patient samples – the center will serve as resource for identifying and developing tests, facilitate access by researchers to samples and data, by fostering biobanking activities and supporting data capture. The center will work with geneticists to identify and curate family information to support research on new screening and prevention procedures for very high risk individuals.
Interpretation of Findings – the Center will develop and implement novel procedures for annotation from genomic and next generation profiling procedures.
Design of Studies – The Center will assist investigators to develop studies relevant to personalized medicine activities. Functions include the design of clinical trials allowing for individual disease characteristics such as according to tumor mutations or pharmacogenetic profiles. The Center will also provide assistance in the design of population based studies that seek to identify individual causes for disease.




  • Ion Torrent/PGM ( Next generation sequencer )

    Next generation sequencing in a CLIA certified lab


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