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Brinckerhoff Laboratory


Dr. Brinckerhoff's laboratory studies Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs), enzymes with the traditional role of degrading the extracellular matrix, but also with new and novel functions that include activating receptors and growth factors, mediating apoptosis and facilitating angiogenesis. The focus is on the collagenases (MMP-1 and MMP-13) that mediate connective tissue destruction in arthritic diseases and that contribute to tumor invasion and metastasis. She and her colleagues are investigating the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms that regulate the over expression of these enzymes, with the goal of specifically blocking their aberrant expression and reducing disease pathology.




  • A2058 ( Tumor-derived cell line )

    Notes: passage 2 (ATCC) (VGP; Vertical Growth Phase (metastatic))*

  • B16 ( Primary fibroblast cell line )

    Notes: Fibroblasts (synovial)
    Mouse, primary

  • BHK ( Cell line )

    Notes: Hamster; Baby Hamster Kidney

  • BHK-MMP1 ( Cell line )

    Notes: Hamster; Hu collagenase (MMP-1)

  • BHK-MMP3 ( Cell line )

    Notes: Hamster; Hu stromelysin (MMP-3)

  • BOWES ( Tumor-derived cell line )

    Notes: (RGP; Radial Growth Phase (non-metastatic))**; also have with BRAF-V600E, MMP1, or

  • BRAFV600E ( Tumor-derived cell line )

    Notes: Mouse; from transgenic: Tyr::CreER;BrafCA;Ptenlox4-5/lox4-

  • NIH3T3 ( Primary fibroblast cell line )

  • VMM 5 ( Tumor-derived cell line )

    Notes: (VGP)

  • VMM12 ( Tumor-derived cell line )

    Notes: (VGP); also have with MMP1 shRNA or control

  • VMM39 ( Tumor-derived cell line )

    Notes: (VGP)

  • WM-35 ( Tumor-derived cell line )

    Notes: (RGP)**; also have with BRAF-V600E, MMP1, or control

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