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Dartmouth SYNERGY: Clinical Research Unit (CRU)

Director: Rigby, William


The SYNERGY Clinical Research Unit (CRU) is an outpatient research unit that offers investigators a full array of services for the performance of clinical research. The CRU will be located in Faulkner 4M at DHMC and become fully operational in November 2012. All clinical research, ranging from industry-sponsored, investigator-initiated and multi-center clinical trials are eligible for CRU usage. Trained CRU staff facilitate clinical research and study execution with emphasis on patient safety and research quality. The CRU is available to any Geisel faculty wishing to perform clinical research.

To meet the variety of investigators' needs, we offer a range of services.

Please file a Request Help form to be contacted by the CRU Manager and access CRU support services see





  • CRU Sample Processing Laboratory Services: ( Service )

    Sample Preparation (including refrigerated centrifuging)

    Packaging and shipping per sponsor requirements (including dry ice)

    Sample storage at -80 degrees (up to one year depending on space limitations)

  • Space and Personnel ( Service )

    Use of CRU personnel/space for comprehensive study support

    Use of CRU personnel/space for portions of study

    Use of CRU personnel at a site other than 4M (will be considered on a case-by-case basis)

    Use of CRU space only by investigative team

    Use of CRU Sample Processing Lab only

  • Study Preparation and Coordination: ( Service )

    Price quotes for CRU services for inclusion in study budgets. (Our cost structure is based on funding mechanism and is supportive of investigator-initiated studies)

    Coordination with the Clinical Trials Office during budget negotiation

    Preparation and submission of applications/amendments to the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (CPHS)

    Consent of research volunteers

    Scheduling and follow-up reminders for enrolled study participants

  • Study Procedures: ( Service )


    Drug administration including infusions

    PK/PD Studies

    Research patient monitoring

    Questionnaire administration with data entry

    Case report form completion

    Medical Record reviews

    Disease activity measures

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