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Translational Science


Clinical Pharmacology (CP)
Irradiation, Preclinical Imaging, & Microscopy (IPIM)
Pathology (PSR)
Transgenic & Genetic Constructs (TGC)



      Member: Fiering, Steven
      Role: Associate Professor of Genetics, Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology

      Member: Hoopes, P. Jack
      Role: Co-Director, NCCC Cancer Nanotechnology Working Group, Director, Surgery and Radiation Research Laboratories, Professor of Surgery and Radiation Oncology, Senior Lecturer

      Member: Lewis, Lionel
      Role: Associate Director, PCIR,SYNERGY, DMS Director, Clinical Research Compliance and Education, Director, Regulatory Knowledge & Support,SYNERGY, Professor of Medicine and of Pharmacology & Toxicology

      Member: Wells, Wendy A.
      Role: Chair, Department of Pathology, Professor of Pathology

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